Complaints about the conduct of Marechaussee personnel

Find out how to complain about employees of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and how we deal with complaints.

Before you complain

Make sure the person you want to complain about is a Marechaussee officer. Marechaussee officers wear a light blue polo. If the officer was not wearing this uniform, you should contact the relevant organisation such as the airport customer services department directly with your concerns.

Check you are in the right place before making a complaint to avoid any delays. Many issues can be resolved by contacting the correct department about your concern.

Complain about other areas of the Marechaussee

Other areas we do not deal with

  • The refusal of permission to enter the Netherlands – please refer to your paperwork as this sets out how to appeal or seek an administrative review;
  • Long queues at the security check. Submit your complaint to the airport;
  • Luggage check upon your arrival in the Netherlands. Submit your complaint to Customs;
  • Check-in process, baggage drop-off or ID check at the gate. Submit your complaint to the airline.

Problems with queues in the arrivals hall

Border security is our top priority. When flights are delayed or multiple flights arrive in a short space of time, it can take longer for passengers to go through our border security checks.

Why you may have been stopped

We are unable to comment on specific reasons for additional checks on travellers at the border. To request personal data held in the immigration and borders system, you will need to make a request.

We have a safeguarding duty and may need to ask you a few questions if you are travelling with a child under 18.

Issues using eGates

eGates may be temporarily closed for a number of reasons:

  • It is more efficient for passengers to be checked by officers during quieter times;
  • A gate may need an IT or system update
  • A large group of passengers are arriving who can’t use the gates and officers need to carry out manual checks

Remember children under 14 years are not eligible to use eGates.

Make a complaint

You can file your complaint by using the complaint form below. We only accept written complaints that are in Dutch or English.

* Mandatory fields

Your complaint
Your details
Information about the processing of your personal data

We use your data to respond to your message. Your personal data will be kept in the complaint registration system for 10 years. Show additional information about the processing of your personal data

Statement of agreement(required)

Complaint by post

You can also send your complaint by post. To do so, send a letter to:

Staff of the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee
Integrity Cluster
Complaints Coordinator
PO Box 90200
3509 BE Utrecht
The Netherlands

The Marechaussee will process your complaint if it contains the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Your postal address;
  • Your telephone number;
  • A clear description of the conduct of the Royal Marechaussee employee(s);
  • The location and time of the event;
  • If possible, the name of the employee(s) concerned;
  • If sending a letter of complaint, mark the top left of the envelope with the word 'complaint'.

What happens next

Below is a step by step guide summarising what to expect if you make a complaint.