Your personal data and the Marechaussee

If you would like to know what personal data the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has about you, and whether you can access it, have it changed or remove it, please let us know.

Personal data relating to border control and aliens are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (Dutch abbreviation: AVG). Use the form on the Privacy - your rights at the Ministry of Defence page.

If it concerns personal data relating to the police duties of the Marechaussee, the Police Data Act (Dutch abbreviation: Wpg) applies. You can use the form at the bottom of this page.

Police tasks and the Police Data Act

The police tasks of the Marechaussee are summarised as follows in the Police Data Act:

  • The guarding of the safety of members of the Royal House, in cooperation with other bodies designated for that purpose;
  • The execution of police duties for the Netherlands armed forces, foreign armed forces and international military headquarters, as well as with regard to persons belonging to those armed forces and headquarters;
  • The execution of police duties at Schiphol Airport and other airfields designated by our Minister of Justice and our Minister of Defence, as well as of security duties regarding civil aviation;
  • The provision of assistance to and cooperation with the national police force pursuant to the 2012 Police Act, including assistance to the police in combating cross-border crime;
  • The execution of police duties at locations under the responsibility of our Minister of Defence, at locations that are out of bounds and that have been designated as essential to national defence pursuant to the Protection of State Secrets Act, as well as at the premises of the official residence of our Prime Minister.
  • The combating of people smuggling and fraud involving travel and identity documents;
  • The execution of security duties for the Central Bank of the Netherlands, by order of our Minister of Justice and our Minister of Defence.

For more information: Police Data Act (Wpg) (Dutch).

Exercising your right to data protection and privacy

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Information about the processing of your personal data

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