Uniform and equipment

You can recognise members of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee by their distinctive uniforms.

Most Marechaussee officers wear the operational uniform, which features a light blue polo shirt. You may also encounter High-Risk Security or Armed Civil Aviation Security operators in public spaces or at airports, who wear specialised uniforms.

High-risk security

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee operates High-Risk Security platoons. These units protect sites in the Netherlands with an increased risk of terrorist attacks, such as selected government buildings and social institutions. The equipment they use varies depending on the current situation, from a highly visible presence to a more discreet approach.

Armed Civil Aviation Security

Armed Civil Aviation Security is responsible for ensuring safety at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. They are specially trained and equipped to respond to higher levels of violence. Like High-Risk Security, their equipment depends on the current situation.

Identification cards

Marechaussee officers carry a unique identification card. If an officer is working in plain clothes, they must show their identification without being asked, unless exceptional circumstances make it impossible. When in uniform, identification is shown only upon request.