Complaints about security checks at airports

Are you a passenger or an airport employee? If you have concerns regarding the conduct of security staff at either a Dutch airport or an airport in the Caribbean area, you can submit a complaint. Your complaint will be directed to the Civil Aviation Security Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (BTBB). Our Complaints Office will take steps to investigate and address your complaint.

Before you complain

To ensure your complaint is processed quickly and efficiently, please submit it to the appropriate authority. First, check if your complaint falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Behavior of a Marechaussee officer or passport check: Visit the Complaints about the conduct of Marechaussee personnel.

  2. Long queues at the security check: Submit your complaint directly to the airport.

  3. Baggage checks upon arrival in the Netherlands: Contact Customs.

  4. Check-in, baggage drop-off, or identity checks at the gate: Submit your complaint to the respective airline.

Make a complaint

If your complaint concerns the behavior of a private security officer, you can proceed with filling out the complaint form below. Fill in your complaint and details step-by-step. Review all your information before submitting the form.

How we handle complaints

We take complaints seriously and have a clear procedure for handling them. If you submit a complaint, you will receive a message within 2 weeks. This message confirms that we have received your complaint. Our Complaints Office will then work with your information to investigate the complaint. Our complaints officer may call you to learn more about your complaint or to work together to find a solution.

We aim to resolve your complaint within 6 weeks. Sometimes we need more time and may extend the period by up to 4 weeks. Of course, we will inform you of this.

If you are not satisfied with the response

If you are not satistied with the response, you may contact the National Ombudsman. Information about this procedure is available at

Complaint form

Your complaint

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For example: departure hall 1, 2, 3 or transfer.
What security lane number were you in during the incident? If you are not sure, were you on the left or right side of the security check?
Your details
Information about the processing of your personal data

The Civil Aviation Security Brigade will use your personal data to process your complaint. We will share your personal data with the responsible security organisation and airport. We will keep your personal data for a maximum of 5 years.

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