Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, when the going gets tough

Migration flows. Terrorism. A strong increase in international travel. 

The Netherlands has to deal with all this, and demands security.

We, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, guard the borders and protect our country.

We take action against serious crime and subversive activities.

Sometimes at our own peril.

We are military and police in one. Part of the Dutch armed forces.

We safeguard the constitutional state and protect society, for your security.

We are deployed continuously. In the Netherlands and abroad.

You will find us at airports, where we are the trusted face.

We are experts in identity verification, and investigate people smuggling.

We guard the borders, and carry out police tasks.

We protect our safety.

Making the difference when the going gets tough.

We are active worldwide.

We control, investigate, guard and protect.

Always for you, for the Netherlands.

We are the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.