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  1. Complaints procedure Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

    Complaints procedure for citizens who wish to file a complaint against an employee of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

    Leaflet | 28-09-2022

  2. Where can I request the extracts and documents?

    Frequently asked questions

  3. When can I expect to be checked?

    Frequently asked questions

  4. For which countries do I need permission?

    Frequently asked questions

  5. Who has parental responsibility or guardianship over the child?

    Having parental responsibility or guardianship over a child means having the task of raising and caring for a child. Parents ...

    Frequently asked questions

  6. Do I need to give permission if my child is travelling abroad alone?

    Frequently asked questions

  7. Do I need permission to travel alone with my child?

    Frequently asked questions

  8. What documents do I need to travel?

    Frequently asked questions

  9. Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, when the going gets tough

    Video | 16-06-2022

  10. Leaflet Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Dutch)

    Leaflet | 20-05-2022