Report an offence

You can report criminal offences committed at Dutch airports and military sites to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee.

If you have a citizen service number (BSN), you can apply for a DigiD on It is recommended to also activate logging in with SMS verification. DigiD with SMS verification makes it possible to report online some types of crime, such as:

  • destruction of property;
  • driving off after an accident;
  • theft.

The forms for online reporting are available in Dutch only and can be found here. If you do not know Dutch, nor know anyone who can help you fill in the form, please visit a Marechaussee location to report your crime.

All other crimes must be reported at a Marechaussee location. Please bring your passport or other identification document.

If you are not in the Netherlands

If you have already left the Netherlands, we are unfortunately not able to help you. You are requested to report the crime at your local police station. If the police in your home country need our assistance, they will send us a request.

Filing a false report

Be aware that filing a false report is a criminal offence.