Training monitoring

Training companies wishing to provide training in civil aviation security must be approved by the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV). The Marechaussee is responsible for compliance monitoring of the training companies on behalf of the NCTV.

Civil aviation security training

Training in civil aviation security focuses on:

  • the security or air cargo; and
  • the security of airport procedures.

The Marechaussee is responsible for compliance monitoring of the training companies on behalf of the NCTV. Inspections and audits are carried out to monitor the quality of training. Compliance monitoring focuses on:

  1. Assessment of training companies.
  2. Assessment of the content of training programmes (syllabi).
  3. Assessment of instructors’ knowledge and teaching skills.

These assessment criteria derive from European and national civil aviation security laws and regulations.

Approved training companies

In the table below, employers can see which training companies are currently approved. The list is divided into training courses for air cargo/airport supplies/in-flight supplies and airport procedures.

Since not every training company offers all civil aviation security courses, it is advisable to contact the companies directly for more information.

Approved training companies
Air cargo/airport supplies/in-flight supplies Airport procedures
Air Cargo Security CTSN Group B.V. (internal only)
All Secure Cargo B.V. G4S Aviation Security B.V. (internal only)
Cibot B.V. I-SEC Nederland B.V. (internal only)
DG Packaging B.V. Nationaal Trainingscentrum Burgerluchtvaart (NTCB)
dnata B.V. PMT Ground Crew Training Centre B.V.
FedEx Express International B.V (internal only) Securitas (internal only)
G4S Aviation Security B.V. (internal only)
Het Urker Zalmhuys B.V. (internal only)
Horsec International / Dutch Aero Group
IR Projects B.V.
I-SEC International Security B.V.
KLM Cargo (internal only)
KLM Catering Services Schiphol B.V. (internal only)
Menzies Security Services B.V.
Menzies World Cargo B.V.
Nationaal Trainingscentrum Burgerluchtvaart (NTCB)
PMT Ground Crew Training Centre B.V.
Risk & Fraud Investigations B.V.
SMEI Agency B.V.
Securitas Transport & Aviation Security B.V. (internal only)
SGS Nederland B.V.
Special Cargo Services B.V. (SCS)
Traffic Academy Nederland B.V.

UPS Nederland B.V. (internal only)

Vertex Learning Institute B.V.