Who has parental responsibility or guardianship over the child?

Having parental responsibility or guardianship over a child means having the task of raising and caring for a child. Parents often automatically have parental responsibility. Sometimes it is necessary to apply to the court for parental responsibility.

Someone other than a parent of a certified institution (gecertificeerde instelling/GI) can also have authority over a child. This person is called the guardian, and has guardianship of the child. A GI is an organisation that has been granted permission by the authorities to conduct child protection measures and measures in relation to juvenile rehabilitation.

Joint parental responsibility

If you, as a divorced parent with joint responsibility, wish to go abroad with your minor child without your ex-partner, you must ask for his or her permission.

Sole parental responsibility

If the court has granted you sole parental responsibility after your divorce, you do not need the permission of your ex-partner, even if he or she has acknowledged the child. In order to be able to demonstrate sole parental responsibility, bring a recent international extract from the child's Key Register of Persons or an international birth certificate and a recent extract from the custody register with you when travelling.